Navigating the Site

Welcome! This site is here to keep you up to date with the progress of The Otherlings Tarot as new cards are created, and new offerings become available. 

To get the most out of this space, I suggest starting with the Home Page- this will tell you a bit about the intention and backstory of this deck.

The Major Arcana can be found by clicking the "Major Arcana" header. These drawings are complete! Minor Arcana cards will be shared through blog posts that can be found at the bottom of the Home Page. However, the first-looks for all new drawings, as well as many other exciting offerings, will be happening on Patreon. Click here to join me on there!

The next tab in the main toolbar is "About the Artist", you can learn more about me, the author and illustrator of this deck, here.

Under "More", you can find ways to stay connected with me, including on Patreon, Instagram, and Etsy.

Finally, if you would like to contact me- scroll to the bottom of the home page for the "Contact" form and shoot me an email :)



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