The Otherlings Tarot

The Otherlings Tarot is an in-progress project, that upon completion, will be a hand-drawn, black and white, 78-card tarot deck. The story behind these weird and wonderful characters is one of transcending what it means to be "normal" or "acceptable" as prescribed by the limiting and oppressive standards of today’s society.

Each creature and being you will meet along the way is in some way distinct in their differences.


They exist outside, and beyond convention.

Their story is one rooted in another realm: A long time ago, a group of Otherlings were outcast from the community and families they were born into. They were left to live on the outskirts, due to those in power’s inability and refusal to see them for what, and who, they truly were.

The Otherlings found solace in their new surroundings. They made homes out of clouded skies, deep and cold waters, and dark, rich soil. The elements responded in kind to them in ways that the townsfolk never had.

They each learned from a great teacher who went by many names:

Desert and Rainstorm; Cave and Snake; Tree and Sea...

Much time had passed when those who had shunned them began to realize with great regret that even greater wisdom came hand in hand with the Otherlings' strange nature.

Their magic was stronger for overcoming other's perceptions of them, and they held special power that grew stronger from harnessing the entirety of their complex states-of-being.

Their myth lives on, and through story passed from generation to generation, they are now exalted and revered as Wise Ones; not despite their unacceptable nature, but because of it. 

This deck hopes to spread the wisdom of the Otherlings, so like them, we can release ourselves from the restrictive rules and regulations that seek to mold us into who we are "supposed to be".

Together, we'll dive into the self-acceptance that comes along with embracing our personal intricacies, seeing our challenges as gifts, exploring the beauty that resides in hidden or forgotten parts of ourselves, and celebrating the things that we fear may set us apart.

My intention for this deck is to offer it as a tool to explore these fears, and to look after our fascinating inner and outer worlds with more love, devotion, awareness and care.

I wish to celebrate the Otherling that exists inside each one of us.


The Threes

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Three of Fire

3 of Fire is:

a hope or a dream swelling larger than intangible form.

a vision that reimagines your mental landscape and demands materialization.

an idea that longed to take a physical shape, and now carves its trajectory with your footsteps.

This is a call to move from potential to planning. When you’ve outgrown a place, and when you’ve glimpsed the bigger space into which you may fit, there is no shrinking away from it. It’s only a matter of time.

So put yourself in the way of real possibility- explore with swift steps and without turning backward.

Seek more.

You carry the tools, the knowledge, and most importantly the drive to carry you through a journey sure to be both rough and rewarding

It’s time to get moving. Push on, or let yourself be pulled forward.

Three of Water

The 3 of Water represents closeness, play, and support.

The value in community and gathering, too.

There comes a time that every single one of us craves these things, because we truly do need them.

Feeling liked, loved, seen, wanted, respected, carried and cared for in a healthy environment is nourishing for our hearts.

When we are excited for something, an entirely new energy forms when we share that with others, or when that sort of energy is shared with us.

When we have become drained from work, from obligation, or have emerged from a solitary space- there is a sort of lightness and ecstasy that comes from allowing in *play*. Simply having fun to unwind ourselves from the everyday muck quenches an old and powerful thirst; one that is both biological, and spiritual in nature.

Most of us carry trauma with us, and many of our deepest wounds center around a lack of love and trust, feelings of unworthiness, or fears of being alone.

This is why it is so important that we drink 3 of Water’s medicine in when available and in need.

The personal bonds that come with it hold the ability to re-energize, strengthen, and help us see the good in the world, once again.

This planet is too big to go it alone, and just big enough to ensure that the right folks are out there for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have one person, ten, twenty, or one hundred- it is the quality of experience that you find with them that is important.

If it feels natural and feels safe, you belong.

From a loving cup, healing flows.

Walls are washed away with the gentlest, sweetest push in these waters.

Let yourself be a part of something good.

Three of Earth

What roles do you find yourself playing in your earthly sphere? What are your innate gifts? What do you wish to offer?

What do you dread, resist and avoid? Where do you continue to feel stunted in your growth? When do you feel big? When do you feel humble?

There’s comes a point in our path, where we realize we cannot do it all, try as we may.

The most successful are those who know when to watch, when to lead, when to teach, when to learn, when to delegate, and when to take direction. This takes an understanding of existence, which is at it’s core a web which connects us all.

Our roots start as one, and end as one. With this knowledge, we come to see we all serve a purpose, and that purpose can only be found when we reach down into those roots and follow them to those that they link us most closely. Tighten the bonds that bind, and experience the strength that comes with support. Allow yourself to see the freedom that blossoms in the face of connection that continues your work while you rest; provides water, light, and healthy soil to you as you Become; and gifts you the opportunity to reciprocate these blessings.

Three of Air

We can feel loss, physically, in our hearts.

We have all felt this. The feeling of falling. Of plummeting.

The loss of a hope, a friendship, or a love can feel as if a sharp object is being pushed- slowly, completely- through skin, bone and organ. Deep into our chest.

Breakups, cruel words or actions experienced and received, and goodbyes fill us with disappointment, betrayal and grief.

Out of those holes, pierced by the palpably sharp nature of pain, “it” slips away: a part of ourselves; our ego’s comfortable grasp; an actual person; a possibility for what could have been.

We are forced to loosen our clutch, surrender, and let that part of our life die a small death. Yes- a small death, where what was- it slips away. A small death, complete with a need to grieve, and a need to mourn.

But those holes cannot, and will not, stay open forever. That is not how we were designed. They will heal over. The speed and grace at which they do so is up to us.

Every loss we experience is also a gateway to healing. Those open wounds: they are the gateways to healing. We need them in order to let the old out, and it is through them that we must let what is not meant for us slip away- painful as it may be.

So let it happen.

Feel what wants to leave, slip away. Fall apart. But remember this: the falling apart is never the end. It is a cataclysmic, cathartic event, and a restructuring that WILL be for your highest good and most necessary healing. You will be lighter once it leaves.

Let it go.

Three of Earth



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